Artist bio & statement

Pauline van de Ven, NL (2014)
Pauline van de Ven

Certain experiences early in life burdened me with a permanent sense of temporality and haste, a source of discomfort but also of increased sensitivity to the comforts of light and vitality. This basic state of being, the undercurrent that is always present under everyday emotions, is what I try to express. I paint on the iPad, switching between programs for raster and vector painting. Vector painting is a very deliberate process, more resembling paper cutting than painting. Forms are bold, colors are monochrome or mixed into very regular gradients. It forces you to focus entirely on form and color, as if you step back in childhood, which is always a happy thing to do. But vector is also a difficult medium to express more subtle emotions. I need the messy multicolor of raster and the imperfections of my hand holding a real virtual brush. Raster has a natural softness to it, there is room for surprises and accidents, and the process is spontaneous. It's more like singing. When finished, I enlarge the raster layer of the work by hand to the size I want the print to be, to ensure a good resolution. (The vector layer, of course, is by its nature of the highest resolution at any size).


Graduated in Economics at University of Amsterdam. 
Autodidact digital painter since 2004.


I received a Lorenzo prize in digital art at the Florence Biennale in 2015 and was awarded by the Museum of Computer Art MOCA NY in 2014 and 2015. I participated in expositions in Budapest, Milan, New York and Florence and exhibited solo in Zwolle and Amsterdam. My work is in private collections and the Literary Museum in The Hague. 
Through a 
Survey of Digital Painting I try to promote the understanding of digital painting. In 2000, I gave up my work as a journalist to make more time for painting and writing. I wrote several novels and was given a literary oeuvre award in 2015.


-2016 March 1-15 , Amsterdam, Scheltema
-2015 October 7 - 25, Florence Biennale
-2014 January 2015-April 2015 Gallery K16, Amsterdam
-2012 November 27 - December 8, Onishi Galery, New York, USA
-2011 September 10-25, Saatchi-Camaver Kunsthaus, Contemporary art exhibition, Desio Milan, Italy.
-2009 March 14-28, Opera Gallery, 'Dutch contemporary artists', Budapest.
-2007 Waanders, Zwolle prentkunst 

Letterkundig museum Den Haag (NL); private collections in Arlington(USA), Stanford (UK), Tokio, London, Rotterdam, Moscow, Budapest, Vergnolles (Fr.)